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Customers of have asked us to look into providing Alarm Monitoring services.  They like our responsive customer service and video surveillance product selection.  The question we had to ask is:  How can we improve the customer monitoring experience in a meaningful way?

We have viewed this as a positive challenge, and have developed a number of innovative answers:

First, we are able to deliver a superior monitoring service at an attractive price point.    We have partnered with an amazing alarm monitoring company.  The company has facilities in three separate locations, one here in the Midwest and two on the East Coast.  This redundant facility approach is helpful in the event of natural disasters, such as the recent East Coast storm conditions.  This facility can handle traditional alarms, along with value added services including two way voice and video verification.  The company can monitor a wide variety of equipment brands that are already installed, and most new products that are on the market today.  So many customers can switch to a superior monitoring solution at an improved price point, without changing their equipment in many cases.  Many ultra discount web vendors provide little if any personal service, have facilities that are limited to a single central station, and often monitor only a limited product line of alarm systems.

Second, we have partnered with qualified, licensed, and insured security alarm dealers who will be your first line of contact.  They will guide you, the customer, through the process of connecting existing alarm system to the monitoring facility.  Our independent alarm dealers can provide you with installation and upgrade assistance, troubleshooting advice, and advise you when wear and tear items need to be replaced (such as batteries).   So those customers who take a “do it yourself” approach to alarm monitoring still have a strong resource to work with.

As our independent dealer network grows, we hope to have professional “on the ground” in many major metropolitan areas.  In the meantime, if you need local assistance we can obtain qualified local support in most of the USA through our relationship with Field Solutions.  Field Solutions maintains a database of qualified electricians and low voltage alarm specialists throughout the country, and we work with Field Solutions to find qualified personnel when needed.

Our approach is quite different from the conglomerate alarm companies that typically pay their sales people a onetime commission to sign up a customer.   Service is then turned over to banks of personnel that have little in the way of an on-going personal relationship with the customer.  We believe that by combining the power of internet marketing and our trusted brand with the resource of qualified independent alarm professionals we can provide our customers with a superior alarm monitoring experience.

And unlike most large firms, a portion of our monthly fee goes to our independent dealers to compensate them for the valuable services they provide to our mutual customers. In the end, we believe the key is to develop an ongoing relationship.  Even if our customers choose a shorter term plan (twelve months) we think that they will renew based on our superior service ethic and attractive pricing arrangements.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, we are now offering our customers video (visual) verification of alarms.  Today, when an alarm goes off, the monitoring stations follows a defined protocol to determine if the alarm was set off by the user or by some other event.  That event could be a burglary or some other crime, and it could also be a false alarm.  By combining a traditional alarm verification procedure with a video tour, verification of an actual alarm condition can become much more persuasive.  In many jurisdictions, unverified alarms have a fairly low law enforcement priority.  With a video verification, the law officer knows that a crime is in progress, and roughly how many culprits are present and their approximate location in the office or business.

This quote from Visonic, an equipment manufacturer, tells the story quite nicely:  “We are all aware that non-verified dispatches of authorities costs central stations, police and the public millions of dollars and a negative view of the industry. Law enforcement policies stimulate the alarm industry to verify the legitimacy of dispatches before calling the police. The most effective priority response involves visual on-scene verification of the alarm event.”


In a business environment, some added value capabilities are also provided with video verification.  The monitoring station can provide a virtual guard tour service, checking on the facility at specified hours (openings, closings, schedule deliveries, or other specified times).  For example, car dealers use these services to check on vehicle browsers when the store is closed.


We offer video verification in two ways.  First, customers can combine their video surveillance equipment from almost any manufacturer with their alarm monitoring.  We chose a monitoring partner with a very flexible platform.


Second, customers can consider an integrated alarm and video solution.  We now offer the Videofied product line.  This product line combines a customizable internal wireless alarm system for home and business with video verification.  When an alarm condition occurs, the system automatically captures ten seconds of video and transfers this video along with the alarm information over the cell phone network to the central station.  The Videofied system can also be combined with existing alarm and video monitoring solutions.  Videofied also offers an outdoor system that is hardened for harsh environments, and can be used to monitor remote construction sites (to reduce copper theft for example), and remote land (some of our customers are monitoring hunting grounds or recreation areas).

Our monitoring solutions do not end with alarm systems. Home-Security-Plus also offers GPS monitoring systems, to track autos and trucks in real time.  We also offer PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems) to provide additional safety for individuals at risk, including the elderly, persons with disabilities or medical conditions such as dementia where tracking and medical attention can be critically important.


Clearly is the place to go for your monitoring and protection needs!

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