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Supreme Court’s GPS Ruling Protects Privacy

A recent Supreme Court decision found that evidence gathered by a GPS tracking device placed on a vehicle without a warrant could not be used in court.  Our primary observation is that our customers, whether they are private, corporate, or government, should be aware of and comply with all local, state, and federal regulations when using various kinds of surveillance technologies.

We think that an article by Stephen Cass at the MIT Technology review is interesting.   He noted;

“the majority decision of the court hinged on the finding that, by attaching a physical tracking device to the defendant’s car in the absence of a valid warrant, law enforcement officials committed an act of trespass. But, even as they restricted their judgement to these narrow grounds, the judges warned that, “It may be that achieving the same [tracking] through electronic  means, without an accompanying trespass, is an unconstitutional invasion of privacy …”


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