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The Role of Video Surveillance Cameras in a Security System

Does the presence of video surveillance cameras reduce crime?

This is a common question from many of our customers.  As one might expect, the general answer is yes.  The cameras have a number of impacts on security for the home and business.  The visible presence of a video surveillance system will  have the impact of reducing crime and theft.  That theft deterred may be from a seasoned criminal, or an internal employee looking to pilfer inventory of short change the cash register.

For retail customers, we suggest that at least one camera be aimed at major entrances and exists to the store, and also at the cash register.  This provides corroborating evidence in the event of theft or pilferage.

Criminals do not like the idea of being caught on surveillance videos.  They know this is damaging evidence in a court of law.  Generally, they will gravitate to less well protected home and stores.  Security is generally a process of reducing risk.  Isn’t the low cost of video surveillance worth the investment in reducing potential harm to your home or business?  Contact us at or call us at 866-685-6409 to further discuss your security needs.


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