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Burglar Secrets

  1. Many burglaries are inside jobs.  Keep an eye on repair services, janitorial services, yard services, etc.  Be careful about talking about upcoming vacations.
  2. Check windows if service personnel have used bathrooms.  Unsavory characters might have unlocked windows for future unplanned visits.
  3. Don’t leave evidence you are out of town.  Cancel newspapers.  Have a service plow the driveway in case of snow.
  4. Don’t leave the alarm system within easy view of windows.  No need to let the burglar know if the system is alarmed.
  5. Make sure you doors and windows are shut.  Kids and adults leave things open far too often.
  6. Consider a home safe.  Bolt it down.
  7. Burglars know all the common hiding areas in homes.  But kids rooms are probably safer than adult rooms.
  8. Consider a light timer.  Put the TV or stereo on a timer also.
  9. Crooks disguise themselves as sales people.  Be wary.
  10. Don’t announce your vacation on social media like Facebook.


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